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Hillary Heralds 30 Year Plus Control Of America By Interlocking Crime Family

Prison Planet | Jan 22, 2007 

Reincarnation of elite serial killer, the “Blood Countess”, Elizabeth Báthory? You decide.

What it amounts to is two sets of fuedal bloodlines working together in a Hegelian Good Cop/Bad Cop WWF wrestling tag-team match that goes on and on and on for three, maybe four decades as long as the people remain hypnotized, spellbound by the show, worshipping their slave masters. It is really like black magic or the work of illusionists who create a false reality which bears absolutely no resemblence to the actual reality.

In fact, the elites are all either members of Freemasonry, or one of its interlocking offshoots, which in essence is the arcane occult discipline of Babylonian Kabbalah. And Kabbalah is the source of all western occult traditions specializing in the magical and alchemical manipulation of reality. Thus, we are constantly bombarded by illusions, smoke and mirrors held up to be reality. The conditioning is very deeply ingrained in society for a reason, to hide the true agenda of the elites who actually enjoy making fools out of us. Will you wake up and realize this political dog and pony show is an illusion and not real?

Please don’t get fooled again! Go ahead, take a good look behind the curtain of illusion and see who is pulling the levers of power. Along with the Rockefellers, you will see the Bushes and the Clintons there in bed together, naked and debauched, with blood dripping from their hands and rolling down their chins, shrieking with gales of laughter in an orgy of revelry, knowing that they got the masses by the balls. Oh, it is so good to be among the elite! Those who can’t even see this figuratively need to research the blood rites of the same elites of bygone days. Go ahead and Google this for yourself.

For example, the “Blood Countess”, Elizabeth Báthory, was a Hungarian countess who lived in the Cachtice Castle near Trencín, in present-day Slovakia, related to the king of Poland and the prince of Transylvania, Stefan Batory. She ruled under the Hapsburg dynasty and in her spare time, had a nasty habit of torturing and murdering peasant girls, some 600 in all, often bathing in their blood, supposedly in order to maintain her youth (or so we’re told). This happend between 1585 and 1610. That is for 25 years (!), she was an elite serial killer who acted with total impunity as her behavior was both well-known and tolerated by her fellow elites. That is, until she murdered some of the elite’s girls. Oh THEN a stop was put to it, but she was never tried or even put in prison, but was instead kept under house arrest while the whole thing was basically hushed up by the royal families.

Now realize that these same bloodlines continue to exist today and they take their genetic heritage very seriously still maintaining their wealth, power, regalia and pomp of the old glory days as best they can. I am comparing the elite bloodliners of today (George Bush Jr with more royal bloodlines than any former president) with the elite bloodliners of 400 years ago, and to tell the truth, little has changed. Whether you believe they would engage in blood rituals or not, they do have blood on their hands. They do demand that we sacrifice our children to them, they do order the incarceration, torture and murder of innocent people on an almost daily basis, they are exploiting us financially, they are subverting our constitution and sovereignty, they are installing a global fascist dictatorship and that is only about the half of it. They are sophisticated elite criminals and everything that spews forth from their filthy mouths is nothing but a pack of lies. The average person cannot comprehend just how evil they are, so they instead go along with them like bleating sheep on the way to the slaughter. So think about it. There is not much difference however you look at it.


Pro-war Clinton candidacy success would mean same mob bosses have ruled U.S. since 1980

Another Clinton in office would mean America being under the thiefdom of either a Bush or a Clinton for a total of at least 32 years, 36 if Hillary is re-elected (many now acknowledge that H.W. Bush pulled the strings as VP during the Reagan era), and they still say anyone can become President! What a pathetic joke!


She was sure to inform the likes of David Rockefeller and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands as to her presidential aspirations during her visit to last year’s Bilderberg conference in Ottawa Canada. Bilderberg has a proven history of acting in a kingmaker capacity. Both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair attended before becoming President and Prime Minister and the media reported that Bilderberg selected John Edwards as Kerry’s running mate in 2004.

The Clintons and the Bushes have been known to vacation together in more recent times. Last year on CBS, Clinton revealed that he looks upon the Bushes as a surrogate family, and how Barbara Bush refers to him as “her son”. Is this really a picture of two distinct and opposed political ideologies pitted against one another?

Hillary Clinton surprised few when she announced her intention to run for the 2008 presidency in New York on Sunday.

Forecasters are already predicting a success for the Senator, meaning Americans will probably be living under the same hierarchical oligarchy that brought them rampant illegal immigration, the devaluation of the dollar, the gigantic deficit, 9/11, and hatred of the U.S. around the world. The electorate got bored of drinking Coke so now the establishment is going to provide Pepsi.

Pres. Candidate Hillary Clinton lampooned on SNL